Bring the Troops Home
We should terminate our failed policy in Iraq immediately. We should never have invaded in the first place and we should not stay one day longer.  Our nation should be founded on the protection of liberties, not the invasion and occupation of foreign lands. The threat of a civil war breaking out in Iraq makes no sense given that Iraq is already in civil war.


Repeal the USA PATRIOT Act
The USA PATRIOT Act vastly undermines our freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. This law grants the government greatly expanded surveillance powers such as monitoring which books you've checked out of the library and what web sites you've visited.  One of my first priorities in office will be to repeal this unnecessary and un-American law.


End Corporate Influence on Our Political Process
As we witnessed in the Enron scandal, the democratic system has been undermined by undue corporate influence. I believe the best way to prevent the inordinate amount of money spent by corporations in the political system is to end corporate handouts by our government. After all, the reason corporations are paying politicians is because they expect favorable treatment in return. I will fight to clean up the political system by ending corporate welfare, including subsidies and lax penalties.



End the Military Drain on Our Economy
Our economy has been hit hard by the "dotcom" crash. Now our federal government is spending billions of dollars fighting a war few of us want. I believe we should stop draining our money into the military industrial complex and focus more on resolving our own problems at home.


Resist Shutting Our Borders to Immigration
Most of us are either immigrants or descendents of immigrants. In fact, I believe the strength of our country comes from the fact that so many of us come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Immigrants come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. They are the lifeblood of this society and I would fight hard to ensure that our borders remain open.


Protect Our Environment
Our federal government is currently subsidizing the pollution of our environment. Not only is the government itself the biggest polluter, but it has not sufficiently penalized corporate polluters for destroying our environment. In addition, our dependence on an ever-dwindling supply of fossil fuels is forcing us into a very precarious foreign policy in which we are obligated to involve ourselves in foreign disputes in order to ensure a cheap supply of oil. I will work to create incentives to wean ourselves off fossil fuels by encouraging research in replenishable energy sources.



Oppose Standardized Testing
I am a strong opponent of standardized testing and standardized education in general. I think students' skills and interests are so diverse that it would be an injustice to try to categorize them based on a test score that can only measure a certain type of aptitude. I believe we should empower and trust the parents as much as possible to choose the best form and method of education for their own children rather than treat our educational system as a factory that manufactures clones with identical educations