An article by the San Mateo Daily News (10/4/2002) titled: "Candidate has confidence."
"[T]he best way to reform the political process would be to reduce the amount of support the government gives to corporations."
A mention in an article by the San Mateo Daily Journal (9/27/2002).


"'Why do we just take it upon ourselves to go to war when there's no imminent danger?'"
A mention in an article by the San Mateo Daily News (9/27/2002).
"'There is plenty of time to resolve [the situation in Iraq] diplomatically.'"
An article in Roll Call (9/16/2002) in the "Under the Radar" column.

"'[The 12th District] is the last place that wants to go to war in a country that doesn't want to go to war.'"

"'We've got somebody that represents us who is completely out of touch.'"

In a section of a story in Asian Week (9/13/2002).

"'In America, you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are,' Ghazalah said. 'I felt there was something that needed to be done to combat backlash, to cut away from this. So rather than lay low, one thing I can’t afford to do is let my rights get steamrolled.'"

In a section of the "Washington Outlook" column in Business Week (8/5/2002) [Registration required to view article]:
  "California's 12th congressional district voters can't say they lack choices."