In a story by Chris Hunter of the Pacifica Tribune  (1/14/2004).  The story is titled: "Pacifican switches to Democrat to take on incumbent Tom Lantos."
"'Why is it so complicated to have a vote in Iraq?' [Abu-Ghazalah] says. 'Bush can say whatever he wants, but there is no polling structure being created.'"

"'I don't think they're doing anything to create an election. All I see them doing is squashing resistance. There is concern in the whole country that the American troops are not going to be leaving.'"
In an endorsement by the Daily News (10/25/2002). The editorial is titled: "Time for a change, anti-war Dems don't have to vote for Lantos "
" Since Lantos isn't going to step down, we're recommending voters make that choice for him and vote for his opponent , Maad Abu-Ghazalah."

" Lantos has supported every war that been proposed since he entered office, from Grenada to the Persian Gulf."

"Abu-Ghazalah offers a fresh alternative  to the stale and
unresponsive attitude of Lantos."

In a story by Andrew Becker of the San Mateo Daily Journal (10/31/2002). The story is titled: "Challengers target Lantos' war stance."
"Abu-Ghazalah aimed directly at homeland security versus compromised civil liberties. 'When one person is demonized, it destroys rather than protects the country.'"
In a story by Jean Whitney of the San Mateo County Times (10/31/2002). The story is titled: "Rivals take Lantos to task on Mideast."
"Abu-Ghazalah said the USA PATRIOT Act is destroying America and eroding civil liberties. Lantos countered, 'The people complaining about their civil liberties should get down on their knees and thank the Lord that they can live in a safe country like the United States.'"
In a story by Thomas Leupold of the San Mateo Daily News (10/31/2002). The story is titled: "Candidates square off."
"On the Mideast peace, Lantos said any future peace would begin with the termination of terrorist activity. Abu-Ghazalah advocated an even-handed approach to the region, with the United States being neither pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian, but pro-peace."
In a story by Jon Mays of the San Mateo Daily Journal (10/28/2002). The story is titled: "War and peace focus of Congressional race."
"In the race for the 12th Congressional district, two challengers say the campaign is focused on the difference between war or peace, while the incumbent says itís more about what his experience and clout can do for the district."